mandag 25. april 2011


I love them. I can never get enough of pancakes, and I would gladly eat them for every meal. Im not though, cause that would not give my body all the vitamins it needs. I so wish they could though.

I love thin pancakes. Crepes with banana and melted chocolate oh my it just taste so good. Pancakes with bacon it`s so good, but also in my past. I need to find a fake bacon. Thats the one thing I don´t know if I can live without in the long run?
Thick pancakes with Blueberry jam and some vegan cream. It taste amazing!

I used to hate thick pancakes at first when I lived in America. I would miss the thin pancakes I was so used to at home. The pancakes I would eat every Sunday and that I grew up with.
After giving the American pancakes a few tries I started liking them too. It´s weird hahh..
When I came back to Norway I missed the American pancakes and when in America I missed the Norwegian ones.

Hahah But now I can have them both =)

Enjoy the pancakes which ever you like !!!

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