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My new Beauty Routine

Lately I have been thinking about health. Yes I eat healthy, but my beauty routine is all about toxic. I have heard time and time again that the skin is like a big luffa. It sucks all the products you use on it into the body where it does harm. I don’t want that.

Research has found that a lot of disease can be linked to our beauty products. Take the deodorant for example most contain high doses of aluminum, which is linked to Alzheimer and cancer. Do you really want to rub that under your arms?  Don’t you want to use as natural products as possible.
I use honey as a cleanser. I use warm water on my face then rub in a small amount of honey. I massage it in and clear with water.
The honey makes your skin feel soft like a babies skin and it gives you a glow. I use this cleanser morning and night.

Makeup remover:
I have a small bottle where I have mixed olive oil and water. Before I use it I shake the bottle because oil and water don’t mix together without a binder. But when you shake it it “ somewhat” mixes. I use a cotton ball and remove my makeup like I would normally do.

Facial Cream:
I use 100% aloe Vera gel and mix it between my hands with some olive oil. The mixture turns into a kind of light yellow cream. It gives my skin great moisture and it is as natural as you can get it.

Shampoo: This is a two-step shampoo routine.
1.     Mix warm water and some baking soda. Pour into a bottle.
2.     Mix water and apple vinegar into a bottle.

My hair turned perfectly clean and it does not have the smell of vinegar. It smells nice I don’t know how, but it does. My hair also has more natural volume, which I like. The hair stays cleaned 2-3 days. I usually wash it again the second day.

I wash it at night and use this video, so I can wake up to perfect curls.  Or you can braid your hair and you will have curls when you wake up.

Conditioner: Can be used one time a week or 1 time every 2nd week. It depends on how dry your hair is.

Half an avocado, 1tsp olive oil and 1 tsp honey. Mix it together with a fork.
Leave in for 10-20 min. This will make your hair super smooth!


Beach style: 2 cups water, Add 1 tsp sea salt and 1sp olive oil.  Mix over low heat. Add to an empty spray bottle. Experiment with how much salt and oil you use, it all depends on your hair type.

Hairspray for hold: Mix 2 cups water and 1tsp (pr. Cup) of lemon juice. Your curls will stay put and your hair will smell good and feel soft.

Here you also need to experiment with the amount of lemon. Every hair is different.


Shower gel: I use a 100% olive oil soap. It gives me clean and smooth skin.

I also rub a thicker amount of this soap when I’m shaving my legs.

Body Lotion: Here is one you can make yourself ( I found it on youtube…hahah I love youtube)
My skin gets really smooth by the olive oil soap so I don’t really need cream, but if you have dry skin try this one.

I use baking soda right now. It works great for the smell. It will not stop you from sweating but the toxic needs to come out some place.. You rather it came out in your face??

Directions: Wet a cotton ball add some baking soda, blend the mixture with your fingers and rub the cotton under your arm.

The baking soda will not add any marks to your cloths. This was a big problem for me before

If you don’t like the idea of baking soda try: Pit Putty 100% Organic Deodorant. I have read a lot of good stuff about this deo. I have never tried it. I would if they shipped international.
If you live in Europe and cannot get your hands on this stuff try: Crystal Deodorant spray.  It will not keep you from sweating, but you will smell good.
Just wash your armpits with a cloth of warm water and some soap at night or during the day if you feel you smell.


There are so many natural brands out there now and it’s hard to choose.
I have previously used bare minerals, but now im trying out something new.

Jane Iredale ( a bit pricy but very good )
Lauren Brooks cosmetics mineral foundation
Terra Firma Mineral foundation ( What I use now.. the cheapest and just as good as the other two.)

I like tarte cheek stain a lot
I also like 100% pure’s products ( to bad they don’t ship international)

Here is a inspiration mineral and natural makeup video

I love the 100% pure mascara it smells like berries!

For now I use Vaseline, but I will try out Earth Beauty lipsticks.  They are natural, have good colors and I like that they are so small. I have never managed to use up a lipstick, maybe with this one I can?

Eyes: Don’t really use anything else then mascara. Sometimes I use Vaseline cause it makes my lashes look like they have mascara on and it does not dry my lashes out.

I do like the Bare mineral eye shadows though and I’m going to try out Real Purity’s eye shadows.

Okay so this is just how I do it. I have only used this routine for 2 weeks now, but I will let you know how it goes. I also hope you feel inspired to shake up your beauty routine too.

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