søndag 17. april 2011

Easter Egg

Happy Easter J Instead of giving away Easter eggs this year I did something different. I filled old jars with home made confetti.

 My favorite is the white one, which I’m going to make again this Christmas. They remind me a bit of bounty chocolate.  They are very easy to make and I think they look cute.

What you need:
-       Marzipan
-       Vegan chocolate
-       Shredded unsweetened Coconut
-       If you want to color the marzipan pink you can use the juice from beet vegetable
(If you use just a bit of it you cannot taste the beet!)

Directions for white snowball:
1.     Make balls out of the white marzipan.
2.     Use a toothpick and dip half of the marzipan ball in melted vegan chocolate.
3.     Sprinkle the shredded coconut on the chocolate half of the ball before the chocolate dries.

These are just dipped in chocolate.

 These have an almond inside. They kinda look like red pepper 

 Decorate the jars different and have fun with decor 
I hope you get inspired to making your own Easter candy.

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