onsdag 20. april 2011

Carrot Muffin

These muffins are amazing!  They taste so great I just cannot get enough of them. I made them with both whole wheat flour and normal fine flour, and I liked them so much better with the whole flour. These are really a delicious treat.

I used the single lady recipe by Katie. I just doubled the recipe by six so I could get 6 muffins instead of one.
I also used a different top cream then her. I could not find tofu so I used a vegan cream instead and used shredded carrot on top for decoration.

 Here is how the dough looks. I used a bit more water then her recipe cause I`m not used to the dough for muffins being that thick.
 I used oil to grease my muffin pan. The muffins came easy out, leaving no burnt dough in the pan.
 I let them cool of on a plate before I used cream on them. I did not want the cream to melt.
Here they are finished. I made them with fine flour and wheat flour. I most say they tasted so much better with the wheat flour. They had a harder surface but was softer inside. I saved some for the next day and
I´m happy to say they tasted better the second day.

Have a happy Easter !

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