onsdag 13. april 2011

What I have been eating for Dinner Lately

Here is some of the stuff I have been eating for dinner lately. It might look a bit boring, but I'm a student without a stove. I use different spices to make the dishes taste different. I love all these dishes. They are very very simple to make which suits me perfectly.

 Homemade hamburger with lettuce, corn, cucumber and pickles.
 Taco : Lettuce, cucumber and white beans with taco powder
 Brown rice, mushroom, white beans, carrot and peas with teriyaki sauce.
 Whole macaroni with tomato sauce, yellow onion, paprika and black beans.
 Red quinoa, carrots, peas and tomato sauce
 Seaweed, cucumber, quinoa, tomato paste and soy sauce on the seaweed and cucumber.
 Black beans, veggies and taco shell.
Brown rice, butter beans and corn with teriyaki sauce.

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