onsdag 27. april 2011

My kind of Toast

Yummy. Toast for Breakfast. I repeat yummy. The bread gets oh so crispy…  This sandwich does not contain any animal products like most toasts. Which also mean it does not have all the fat. Hurray!
It does however have spinach and tomato. Your body is going to love you for picking this toast.

You need:
-       Two slice of bread (non dairy) – Mine is made from whole wheat and has hemp seeds and sesame seeds on top.

-       Some spinach and one other lettuce of your choice (I used 5-6 spinach leaves and 2 Little Gem leaves

-       Slices of tomato (I used 2)

-       Vegan cream cheese (I used Tofutti plain)

-       Some pepper to taste

      I fry mine on a pan, but you can also use a oven. I don't have one..


1.    Take on slice of bread. Cover with cream cheese.
2.    Put the veggies on and some pepper
3.    End with the second slice of bread on top
4.    Press it together
5.    Fly 3-5 min on each side
6.    When done eat, or cut it across so you end up with two rectangular sandwiches.

I love this sandwich and cannot get enough of it! I ate three of them yesterday and felt like I could not move. I would recommend only eating one J

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