søndag 17. april 2011

Raspberry muffins

I used Chocolate covered Katie’s recipe. I know I have been using her recipes a lot lately. It’s because I have loved every recipe of hers I have tried so far.
This makes two muffins. I doubled the recipe and I did not use almond extract, because I did not have it. Instead though I had marzipan.  I used a thin layer of marzipan as a lid on the muffin.

 I used a glass to make the marzipan flat, and to push out the marzipan lids.
 I used melted chocolate as glue between the muffin and the marzipan lid. 
 How the mixture looks like before cooked. The dough is pretty thick compared with normal "muffin dough"

I topped the finished muffins with a fresh raspberry on each muffin. 

I am so happy it only makes 4 muffins. Katie also have single lady muffins which I love. How great is it not to make one muffin when your craving sugar instead of making 10-12 like normal muffin recipes makes. I love it!!!  

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