torsdag 17. november 2011

I have discovered yoga

Yoga. At first I thought it was a bit boring. It's slow and I felt like I had to run or do some with a higher paste to firm up my body. It felt sorta like doing yoga was a waste of time..cause I did not feel that tired after doing it.

But after doing yoga on my own for the last two weeks (3 times a week) I feel the difference.
I can't see it yet, but I can feel it. My body feels stronger and more flexible. I can tell I'm getting stronger since doing all the different moves are not so difficult anymore. My arms can hold me up longer in a straight plank.

As for now I am doing yoga at home. Either in the morning before school or at night before I go to relax on the sofa.

The videos I've been loving :

17 minutes to spare - This is by Sadie Nardini. You can do this video more times after each other if you have more time and energy

7 min. Strength - Tara Styles. Check out some of her other videos too

Doing yoga really does calm my body. Makes me feel focused.
Try some of this videos out. Give it a week or two and feel the difference :)

lørdag 5. november 2011

Green Juice

I love love love Green Juice !!! I have a blender at home and try to make at least a smoothie a day. I do want to buy a juicer though. I have been wanting to buy one for a long time, cause then I can make veggie juices. Hmmm <3

I try to replace a meal with a smoothie a day. Ill have one for breakfast, or lunch or supper. It refills me with energy and the same "good feeling" I get after working out. I just feel so good after drinking one, plus they taste yummy and It's a good boost for your health.

This one is made out of one apple, some honey, a handful spinach, some water and some orange juice.
- if i had a juicer I would have put an orange in too instead of the orange juice, but I find that my blender don't go well with oranges.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday <3

onsdag 2. november 2011

November workout

Wow, It's november !
I went to Starbucks this morning and they have gotten their Christmas design on their cups. It feels more like Christmas already. I got the peppermint mocha which is my Christmas favorite.

Anyway I wanted to start a gym, but I have not gotten to it. Instead I have been using these videos from youtube to get some workout into my week.

I try to do them 3 times a week :

Warm up 

Get some Cardio 

Get Lean

I do all of them after each other. It's not to long, maybe 40-50 min together.
Also try more of their videos and mix it up for a fun workout.

Have a good week !!

søndag 23. oktober 2011

Snack time :)

It's snack time ! Hmmm. Sometimes you are a little bit hungry, but you know you are going to eat dinner or a bigger meal later. What do you eat? A fruit is a good choice. Maybe two fruits? Maybe some nuts, maybe a small bowl of cereal and a fruit. Hahah you get the point 
 I decided to eat some baby carrots and dip them in chickpeas hummus. Hmmm.
Vitamins, fiber and protein all at once :) Good snack
I also ate a Larabar. They take some getting used too. After a while they are more like a treat. But at first when you eat them and your used to chocolate or candy as a treat u might think this is pretty tasteless and nasty, but you get used to it. Before you know it its Namnam Yumyum

Happy Sunday !!

torsdag 20. oktober 2011

Kiwi and apple makes the Doctor and pimples go away

I bought a lot of apples and kiwi last week. I have been eating one of each everyday. hmmmm. Feels good to eat something healthy.

I found out that apple actually reduce and fights to prevent pimples. That is just so great.
It also has a lot of fiber which is good for your tummy and it fights bad breath. How good is that. It also has calcium and iron.

Kiwi have all the vitamins you need in a day. Thats a good reason to eat one everyday. Don't you think? I love kiwi cause its sour and sweet at the same time.

Have a good week :D

onsdag 19. oktober 2011

Cloths shops online :p Ad

All I do is homework lately. I have however had some time to look at cloths online.
I think I miss stores or something?

Is it just me or do you love cloths too?
I've been loving the preppy style lately. Soft blouses, blazers and shorts.

Here is some web site I found and that I really would like to order from (when I have money) :

Fake fur jacket - I want !! It's from their website.

Some pictures from yesstyle. A cheap website with so many pretty cloths. I have not ordered anything from there, but I really want to.

Anyway have a nice day

mandag 10. oktober 2011

Peanut Butter Cups in minutes

This is really simple and quick. I just made some cause I was in some need of chocolate.
All you have to do is add 1,5 Tablespoon of peanut butter in a muffin cup ( I used paper here). Add a 1 Tablespoon of chocolate spread on top (non dairy). Put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and eat right out of the freezer! Hmmm... so good :p