tirsdag 31. mai 2011

Solid Perfume

I made my own perfume. I mixed lavender essential oil and mandarin essential oil to get a flowery yet fruity smell.

Here is the video I followed to make the solid perfume.

You should try to make your own too!! I mean how cool is it not to make your own scented perfume??
My perfume turned out amazing! It makes me think of Summer and feel very girly when I wear it. The perfume is sort of like a lipgloss you rub where you want to smell good. It is not sticky though.

I don't think ill ever buy a perfume again. I had so much fun making the perfume and it's fun to mix smells and get the perfume of your dreams.

søndag 29. mai 2011

Workout Challenge Week 1

I have just come back from my fourth jog this week. The sweat is going down my face and I could not look worse, but I feel so good about myself.
I did it.. I completed week 1 of my challenge!!!!

Challenge : Jog 4 times each week for two weeks.

I had some days I did not want to workout, but I put on my workout cloths and went out the door anyway. I am so happy I stuck with it. Now I have one day off then I am ready to start jogging again.
I think by the end of these two weeks ill buy myself a cool workout top.

It is never to late to start working out :)

torsdag 26. mai 2011

Blogs I like the most !

A site that talks about ways to not overspend your money, but to save and how to live better with less.

A Vegan Blog I check out when I really want sweets. She makes healthy desserts and I found out after reading her blog that healthy can be just as yummy as "filled with sugar" desserts.

A fashion websites with many smaller blogs. Since I have decided to have less cloths I need some advice on how to use the same cloths in cool and different ways.

Is also a Vegan site which I enjoy to read. I find her journey to become Vegan and happy in life inspiring.

Another Fashion blog I like to look at.

A Vegetarian blog. I just find her pictures so beautiful

Scrambled Tofu

Scrambled tofu is a fast and yummy meal to make in the morning or for any other meal of the day.

What need :
- U need a pack of tofu ( I think you can use pretty much any sort of tofu.)
- Veggie broth

Directions :
1. Sort of crumble the tofu in the skillet like you would when you make scrambled egg.
2. Add some veggie broth to give the tofu flavor.
3. Add other veggies and spices. I added cut tomatoes, mushroom and some oregano spice.

I'd say this is pretty health and it taste even better then normal scrambled egg. I have never been a fan off egg other then in cake, but when I went vegan I found out you don't need egg to make cupcakes or pancakes which was a nice surprise.
If you do however like egg and you have gone vegan this is the dish for you!!! Even I love it

onsdag 25. mai 2011

Silver Dollar Pancakes

I made this for breakfast this morning, but you can also eat it as a lunch or as a dessert.

All you do is use a thick recipe for pancakes and make small pancakes on the stove instead of big once.
Easy right :)

(Not the best picture) but I topped the Silver Dollar Pancakes with fresh cut strawberries, some maple syrup and some chocolate sauce.

Stay motivated while working out!

I often find myself not to motivated to exercise. I know that whenever I am out jogging I love it, but getting out the door is the hard part for me.
It is easy to make up excuses; "Im too tired", "I'll do it tomorrow instead" and so on.

What helps me to take the step out the door :

- Turn on your favorite workout song ( That should get you pumped)

- Put on your workout cloth and walk out the door

- Watch workout movies on youtube

- Watch some pictures of celebrities working out (hahah I know it sounds silly, but when I see them working out I feel like I need to work out if I want to look good)

- Tell yourself it will only take 30-60 min and you will feel so great after !

- Motivate yourself with a prize at the end of the week when you have worked out as many times as you planned ( the prize can be as simple as a coffee at starbucks)

- Work out with someone ( this does not help me cause.. when they cancel I end up canceling. I like working out alone and only be dependent on myself)

I hope this helps you guys be inspired to stick to your workout routine :)

tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Free People

I am so in love with the chic hippie style. I think it looks so relaxed. Just how I want to look and feel at all times.  Their website where you can order lots of beautiful cloths.

This Summer I am going to go out of my comfort zone and try something new. Maybe lots of flowers in my hair??
You know dare to be different and have fun when it comes to cloths. Be creative !!

French Toast

After living in America for two years I fell in love with French Toast <3 Since the original recipe has egg I can't use it so I came up with my own French Toast recipe. Hahah making French Toast is very easy.

It's so good ... as you can see I don't use too much syrup.. I know some people pile it on like it was their last meal.. how much you decide :)

What I use :

- 1 cup almond milk or soy milk
- 1/2 tsp cinnamon
- 1/2 tsp vanilla sugar
-  1 T Tofu ( u don't need this if you don't have it.. I think it's good without also)
-  2 slices of bread which I slice in half (so I have 4 slices )
- Maple syrup


1. Mix the milk, tofu, cinnamon and vanilla sugar together with a fork or a blender to a fine mixture.
2. Dip the slices of bread in the mixture. Dip them so they are soaked but do not let them lay in the mixture.
3. Warm a skillet, add some oil and cook the bread till they are golden on both sides.
4. Serve right away with maple syrup on top ....hmmmm... yum...

Enjoy French toast for Breakfast or Lunch. I would probably not eat French Toast more then 1-2 a week. I'd save this yummy dish for the weekend or a day you need an extra treat.

mandag 23. mai 2011

Tove Styrke

She is from Sweden and I am in love with her music at the moment :)

søndag 22. mai 2011

Left Over Tofu - Make chocolate Mousse

I had some left over tofu from making the soup so I used them to make chocolate mousse.

What you do is :

Add your tofu, some cocoa powder and some sweetener to your blender = chocolate Mousse
- You can also add some cinnamon or other spices you like

(I used half a pack of tofu, 3 T cocoa and 1 T maple syrup (you might need more sweeteners I would add blend taste, then add more if the mousse was still not sweet enough))

Enjoy Monday :)

Tomato soup ala Camilla Style

Yummy. Filled with vitamins from carrots and tomato.

You need:
-       Veggie broth
-       2 carrots
-       2 tomato’s
-       Pepper
-       Tofu (if you want protein and like egg in your tomato soup it kind reminds me off egg)
-       1 T Tomato puree

1.     Shred the carrots and cut the tomato’s into pieces
2.     Heat around 1 ½ cup water with some veggie broth (I used half a square you know the once you can buy in a pack at the store)
3.     Let the water cool
4.     Add the shredded carrots, tomatoes and water in a blender. Let it become smooth in texture.
5.     Heat the mixture on your stove, add some pepper and tomato puree, and voila you have tomato soup.

If you want cut up some tofu and add to the mixture. I always do. Also add some basilicum on top.

 Tomato - I think my camera had the wrong setting since they look red here

This makes two bowls. If you are single save the second bowl for breakfast or dinner for the day after.

Enjoy the rest of the Sunday :D

2 weeks Workout Challenge

The challenge : Jog 4 times a week for two weeks.

Maybe you guys can complete this challenge with me ?

Prize : When you are done and have jogged 4 times a week for two weeks buy yourself a small prize. It can be a new workout top or lipgloss?? 

The reason for the challenge :  Like I said I need a push to get into exercise again. I figure that after two weeks it will have become a habit. The reason for the prize is to motivate myself some extra to complete the two weeks.

Are you ready for the bikini??

Move You Butt NOW (before it's too late)

This morning I went for a jog. I have not jogged outside for months. It felt so great to jog outside to my favorite songs. I felt all the depressed energy get out of me. I felt the sweat going down my face and loved it.
It just felt so amazing !!!

I can not believe what a lazy cow I have been these last months. The jog only took up 35 min of my day and when I got home I was filled with energy. It just feels like an amazing start to my day. A smile has been planted on my face and I feel on top of the world!!!! (weird how great exercise feels).

Doutzen Kroes is one of the Victoria Secret Models that admits to work out A LOT to get an amazing body !!

My tip of the day :  Take your shoes for a walk or a slow jog. Get you ass moving, your heart beating faster and your self esteem to the higher level ( I promise you will feel so good about yourself when your done! )

lørdag 21. mai 2011


One Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Ever tried apple on your sandwich ?

        <3 Yummy <3

It's Watermelon Time!!

Watermelon so beautiful in color and so tasteful on the lips.
It means it's Summer the time for eternity bliss. Get your Summer dress on and dance free as you hum your Summer song.

fredag 20. mai 2011

A Little Late night snack

Water with lemon and mint leafs and an apple with peanut butter and some nuts :)
I love the mix of apple and peanut butter. It's also a great mix ( apple has fiber and peanut butter has healthy fat) to eat after a workout.

I know I am drinking water from a bowl. I kinda like to drink tea and water from a bowl. It makes me feel spiritual.. hahahha funny I know, but try it :)

On my Wish List For Summer !

Wish List For Summer :

1. A white dress
2. A denim jacket
3. Shoes with cork wedges
4. A small straw hat
5. A one colored maxi skirt

The nice thing about these items is that they can be used all year around. For spring use stockings under the dress and pile on with shirts and sweaters under the denim jacket when it gets cold out.

Spring Rolls

I made spring rolls for the first time. I have always loved spring rolls. I love to dip them in sweet and sour sauce, but this time I had to use soy sauce instead (my sweet and sour sauce was empty).

It did not take long to make them and I was very surprised at how easy it was.

What you need :
- Spring roll sheets
- Filling of your choice  ( I imagine you can use whatever you have in your fridge. Here I used lettuce and shredded carrots).

1. Heat your filling on the stove.
2. Take one spring roll sheet and dip it in a bowl with warm water. The sheet will become very soft and sticky.
3. Transfer the sheet to a plate where you cover 1/5 - 1/4 of it with filling.
4. Wrap the sheet tightly together so that all the filling is tucked inside.
If you don't know how to fold look at this
5. Cook the spring roll on middle heat for around 10 minutes on each side.

I hope you enjoy making spring rolls and the weekend. I know I am going to make some more and go buy some sweet and sour sauce.

torsdag 19. mai 2011


Yes since I am talking about heat, there is no drink to cool you down like water.

What I like to do when I drink water is to mix it in a jar with slices of lemon or lime.
I also like to mix it with slices of orange or strawberries. You can also add in mint leaves and experiment with different ways of drinking your water.

I don't know I like to mix my water to get some more taste from it. I love water and your body loves it even more.

Cold coffee drinks - for a warm day

It has been so warm the last few days. I have been sweating a lot and a cold drink has been needed more then once.
I have been making cold chocolate/ coffee drinks and caramel frappechino to cool myself down.

Chocolate/ Coffee shake :

Make your favorite coffee drink.
(Mine is two shots of coffee, 1 cup almond milk and 1 T honey, caramel syrup or cocoa powder )

All you have to do is freeze the coffee into ice cube trays and mix them in a blender when you feel like drinking an iced coffee drink. I mix the ice cubes with some milk.

Caramel Frappechino :

I use around 1 cup milk, 3 shots coffee, 3 T caramel sauce, 10-12 ice cubes and some whipped vegan cream. You mix it all in a blender until smooth.
Pour into a glass and top with more whipped cream and some caramel sauce.

I know this is not the healthiest drink, but sometimes you got to treat yourself!

søndag 15. mai 2011

Fruit/Berry Dessert

I love desserts it’s my favorite part of a meal.
This time it’s all about the taste of fruits/berries (fresh, healthy and yum.)

Peach Cobbler My way:
-       1 cup chopped peach (I used the once from a can, but if you use fresh peach it is even better. You might want to add more sweeteners if you use fresh once cause they tend to be more sour.)

-       1 cup nuts (I used half a cup almond and half a cup walnuts

-       ½ tsp Cinnamon

-       ½ tsp vanilla powder

-       1 T brown sugar or maple syrup (You can use more if you need the cobbler to be really sweet).


1.     Place the nuts in a blender and remove when fine chopped.
2.     Heat the peach with cinnamon, vanilla and sweeteners in a pan. Also add the nuts.
3.     Let it heat for 10 minutes
4.     You can serve it with some vegan cream on top or vanilla sugar. (I did not use any topping this time cause I did not have any and it is just as good plain)

Strawberry and milk :

This is a very easy dessert. It reminds me of being little. We used to make this at my house often and I loved it !

You need:
-       Strawberries
-       Milk (I used soy this time)
-       Brown sugar

1.     Cut the strawberries into pieces
2.     Fill a small bowl (“1 person bowl “) with milk
3.     Add the strawberries and sprinkle some brown sugar on top.
4.     Eat with a spoon.

Enjoy the fresh taste of berries and fruits <3 <3 <3

My New Beauty Routine 2

Hey so now I have used My New Beauty Routine for more then a month. I love it!!
It works just as great or even better then all the products I used before, because it is natural.
It does not harm my body, but it helps it.

Here is the Beauty Routine I am talking about

What I also love about being natural is that I don't get tempted to buy all the crap I read about in magazines. You know there is always some new "fantastic" product.
I just love that I don't bother using my money on that stuff anymore. I also love not having a bath filled with different shampoos, body lotion, soaps and so on.

I look just the same, only I am saving my money. No one can tell then I am using honey as a facial cleanser instead of lancome cleanser. No one can tell that I am using aloe and olive oil as cream.
The honey really helps my skin glowing and feeling soft. I love it!
The olive oil and aloe give my skin great moister and both benefits your health.
Olive oil offers protection against heart disease. It has a lot of antioxidative. Aloe Vera gel heals burned skin and it helps lower blood glucose levels.

Anyway I love that my money pile is growing and that my skin is glowing :D

lørdag 14. mai 2011

What I have been eating Lately

I am still very busy with finals this last month. I love working with 3D and I am having such a good time being busy at school, but at the same time I don't have time for much else.
But back to the food. Here is some pictures of what I have been eating.
I hope it inspires you to be creative when it comes to food.

Dinner 1:
 I filled lettuce leafs with beans, tomato and corn in a tomato sauce. I ate it with french fries. I just had to have french fries this day. I was craving it so bad.

Dinner 2: Veggie soup
I heated water with veggie broth. Cut tofu in squares and combined in the water with sliced carrot and broccoli.  Yummy. It filled me up and gave me a warm and cosy feeling inside.

Dinner 3: Noodle soup
I used a pack of noodles, white beans, broccoli and veggie broth. I just love how easy it is to make !

Breakfast : Melted "Cheese" bread. I used a bread bun, cut it in half. I added ketchup and vegan cheese. I put the bread in the stove until the cheese melted and toped it with heated white beans and dry onion.
So easy to make and oh my so good. It was like eating a real fat filled toast.

Dessert : Coconut Ice Cream.
I used about 1 cup coconut milk, added some tablespoons of shredded coconut and some maple syrup. I filled a small bowl and put it in the freezer. I kept stirring the ice every hour to get a good texture since I don't have an ice cream maker.

Dessert 2: Banana Ice Cream
I put a banana in the freezer for a few hours. I mixed the banana in my mixer and topped it with some melted chocolate. Hmmm.

I got to say I love food, and I enjoy making food when I have the time and the space. My apartment is really small with no stove so cooking is not as much fun as at my mums house :p
One day ill get my own house :D

Miso Soup

I first made miso soup a year ago when I lived in San Fran and had bought Alicia Silverstone Kind Life Book. I had tasted miso soup before because most of my friends in SF were Asian and they all loved miso soup.
I learned that miso soup has a lot of health benefits. It is rich in protein and B12 vitamin, and it is shown to help prevent breast cancer. The seaweed in the soup is also shown to help lower blood pressure. Miso soup is filled with vitamins.

 I know for people who have not tasted miso soup it might look nasty. 
That was my first thought. 
But you know what I ended up really liking the soup so much so that I make it at home! The thing is you got to give new things a chance. Have you heard the term ; "Looks can deceive"?

How to make miso soup:
I just bought the finished miso paste with seaweed in it and cooked it with 1 1/2 cup of water and added bits of tofu.
You can buy miso powder and use that, but then you also have to buy seaweed to put in. I have done that before, but now I just find it easier to buy the finished mixture and just add the amount of water that is needed.

Enjoy your miso soup and the weekend!