onsdag 25. mai 2011

Stay motivated while working out!

I often find myself not to motivated to exercise. I know that whenever I am out jogging I love it, but getting out the door is the hard part for me.
It is easy to make up excuses; "Im too tired", "I'll do it tomorrow instead" and so on.

What helps me to take the step out the door :

- Turn on your favorite workout song ( That should get you pumped)

- Put on your workout cloth and walk out the door

- Watch workout movies on youtube

- Watch some pictures of celebrities working out (hahah I know it sounds silly, but when I see them working out I feel like I need to work out if I want to look good)

- Tell yourself it will only take 30-60 min and you will feel so great after !

- Motivate yourself with a prize at the end of the week when you have worked out as many times as you planned ( the prize can be as simple as a coffee at starbucks)

- Work out with someone ( this does not help me cause.. when they cancel I end up canceling. I like working out alone and only be dependent on myself)

I hope this helps you guys be inspired to stick to your workout routine :)

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