søndag 15. mai 2011

Fruit/Berry Dessert

I love desserts it’s my favorite part of a meal.
This time it’s all about the taste of fruits/berries (fresh, healthy and yum.)

Peach Cobbler My way:
-       1 cup chopped peach (I used the once from a can, but if you use fresh peach it is even better. You might want to add more sweeteners if you use fresh once cause they tend to be more sour.)

-       1 cup nuts (I used half a cup almond and half a cup walnuts

-       ½ tsp Cinnamon

-       ½ tsp vanilla powder

-       1 T brown sugar or maple syrup (You can use more if you need the cobbler to be really sweet).


1.     Place the nuts in a blender and remove when fine chopped.
2.     Heat the peach with cinnamon, vanilla and sweeteners in a pan. Also add the nuts.
3.     Let it heat for 10 minutes
4.     You can serve it with some vegan cream on top or vanilla sugar. (I did not use any topping this time cause I did not have any and it is just as good plain)

Strawberry and milk :

This is a very easy dessert. It reminds me of being little. We used to make this at my house often and I loved it !

You need:
-       Strawberries
-       Milk (I used soy this time)
-       Brown sugar

1.     Cut the strawberries into pieces
2.     Fill a small bowl (“1 person bowl “) with milk
3.     Add the strawberries and sprinkle some brown sugar on top.
4.     Eat with a spoon.

Enjoy the fresh taste of berries and fruits <3 <3 <3

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