søndag 15. mai 2011

My New Beauty Routine 2

Hey so now I have used My New Beauty Routine for more then a month. I love it!!
It works just as great or even better then all the products I used before, because it is natural.
It does not harm my body, but it helps it.

Here is the Beauty Routine I am talking about

What I also love about being natural is that I don't get tempted to buy all the crap I read about in magazines. You know there is always some new "fantastic" product.
I just love that I don't bother using my money on that stuff anymore. I also love not having a bath filled with different shampoos, body lotion, soaps and so on.

I look just the same, only I am saving my money. No one can tell then I am using honey as a facial cleanser instead of lancome cleanser. No one can tell that I am using aloe and olive oil as cream.
The honey really helps my skin glowing and feeling soft. I love it!
The olive oil and aloe give my skin great moister and both benefits your health.
Olive oil offers protection against heart disease. It has a lot of antioxidative. Aloe Vera gel heals burned skin and it helps lower blood glucose levels.

Anyway I love that my money pile is growing and that my skin is glowing :D

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