mandag 2. mai 2011

I got two Vegan Cook Books!! YAY

It is not easy buying cookbooks. I felt overwhelmed and wanted to buy all the great vegan books on amazon.  I had to stop myself from overspending. In the end I told myself that I was only to buy two books. I did a lot of research, cause I did not want to buy the wrong two books. I read reviews upon review to try to find the best books.

I ended up buying :

Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World.
- I love love love cupcakes. I always have. I think it is cause they look so darn cute and oh my so so good. All the reviews said that this book was a most have for all vegans who likes cakes, sweet treats and I am for sure that person.

Vegan with A Vengeance
- I thought since I now have a book about treats (Vegan cupcakes....) I decided I needed a dinner and other recipes book. I read a lot of reviews on different books, but I kept coming back to this one. I think cause it has over 150 recipes and I love cooking so the more the better! It also said cheap recipes with few ingredients which hit the nail on the wall. I am a student and I want it cheap. I also hate it when recipes have many ingredients, cause you end up buying all these ingredients for one dish, and have all these left over spices and ingredients you don't know what to do with. Simple is better I think

I looked through the books today and there is so many recipes I want to try.
I can not wait. I also wish I had a stove so I could make all the cupcakes. Luckly I am moving in 6 weeks and hopefully to a place with a stove :)

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