søndag 22. mai 2011

Tomato soup ala Camilla Style

Yummy. Filled with vitamins from carrots and tomato.

You need:
-       Veggie broth
-       2 carrots
-       2 tomato’s
-       Pepper
-       Tofu (if you want protein and like egg in your tomato soup it kind reminds me off egg)
-       1 T Tomato puree

1.     Shred the carrots and cut the tomato’s into pieces
2.     Heat around 1 ½ cup water with some veggie broth (I used half a square you know the once you can buy in a pack at the store)
3.     Let the water cool
4.     Add the shredded carrots, tomatoes and water in a blender. Let it become smooth in texture.
5.     Heat the mixture on your stove, add some pepper and tomato puree, and voila you have tomato soup.

If you want cut up some tofu and add to the mixture. I always do. Also add some basilicum on top.

 Tomato - I think my camera had the wrong setting since they look red here

This makes two bowls. If you are single save the second bowl for breakfast or dinner for the day after.

Enjoy the rest of the Sunday :D

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