lørdag 7. mai 2011

Terra Firma Makeup

I have never tried the terra firma mineral cosmetics before, but I have read a lot about it online. I decided to try it out, cause I was running out of my bare mineral foundation. I did not want to buy a new in Norway they charge $ 80 which is mad cause I paid $ 25 for it in the US.
So I decided on trying something new and ordered the Beauty Basic On the go kit ( $ 49.99) .

Here is what I got. It all looks so pretty! <3 <3 <3

Here is the foundation. I was a bit sceptic like I always am to new makeup, but with no reason it turns out. It made my skin look fresh like I was not wearing makeup but was born with amazing skin! It lasted all day. My skin did not get oily. It stayed just as perfect as when I put it on.

 I have not tried this yet. It's a very light powder and if I did not have any pimples I would just use this one. I am sure it is just as good as the foundation.

I have not tried this one either. I want to use up my Bare mineral mascara  before I start using it. It does however smell amazing like one of my favorite ice creams. It reminds me a bit of the 100 % pure mascara which I love but they do not ship to where I live.

This lip color is a very pretty pink. It left my lips looking much fuller then they are. It made them soft and the softness lasted all day but the lip color lasted until I ate. My mouth also smelled of lovely mint. <3

This eyeshadow really made my eyes sparkle. It lasted for hours before streaking, but then I just blended the shadow with my finger and it looked good again. This eyeshadow has turned into my favorite now. It is many times better then the bare mineral one. I also think it is better then the tarte mineral shadow kit.

I love my new makeup <3

And yeah I got a lot of samples. Different creams, facials, blushes, concealer and eyeshadows.
They all look and smell great. One of the creams had such a nice lemon smell I wanted to eat it. It also came with a small brochure about natural skin remedies. How olive oil works for the skin, avocado and so on.

Everything was neatly wrapped like a Birthday present should be. I love this company now <3 <3 <3

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