torsdag 17. november 2011

I have discovered yoga

Yoga. At first I thought it was a bit boring. It's slow and I felt like I had to run or do some with a higher paste to firm up my body. It felt sorta like doing yoga was a waste of time..cause I did not feel that tired after doing it.

But after doing yoga on my own for the last two weeks (3 times a week) I feel the difference.
I can't see it yet, but I can feel it. My body feels stronger and more flexible. I can tell I'm getting stronger since doing all the different moves are not so difficult anymore. My arms can hold me up longer in a straight plank.

As for now I am doing yoga at home. Either in the morning before school or at night before I go to relax on the sofa.

The videos I've been loving :

17 minutes to spare - This is by Sadie Nardini. You can do this video more times after each other if you have more time and energy

7 min. Strength - Tara Styles. Check out some of her other videos too

Doing yoga really does calm my body. Makes me feel focused.
Try some of this videos out. Give it a week or two and feel the difference :)

lørdag 5. november 2011

Green Juice

I love love love Green Juice !!! I have a blender at home and try to make at least a smoothie a day. I do want to buy a juicer though. I have been wanting to buy one for a long time, cause then I can make veggie juices. Hmmm <3

I try to replace a meal with a smoothie a day. Ill have one for breakfast, or lunch or supper. It refills me with energy and the same "good feeling" I get after working out. I just feel so good after drinking one, plus they taste yummy and It's a good boost for your health.

This one is made out of one apple, some honey, a handful spinach, some water and some orange juice.
- if i had a juicer I would have put an orange in too instead of the orange juice, but I find that my blender don't go well with oranges.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday <3

onsdag 2. november 2011

November workout

Wow, It's november !
I went to Starbucks this morning and they have gotten their Christmas design on their cups. It feels more like Christmas already. I got the peppermint mocha which is my Christmas favorite.

Anyway I wanted to start a gym, but I have not gotten to it. Instead I have been using these videos from youtube to get some workout into my week.

I try to do them 3 times a week :

Warm up 

Get some Cardio 

Get Lean

I do all of them after each other. It's not to long, maybe 40-50 min together.
Also try more of their videos and mix it up for a fun workout.

Have a good week !!