torsdag 31. mars 2011

Healthy Juice/smoothie

Drinking a smoothie a day can really boost your health. Think about how easy it is. All you do is mix and drink. I find it easier to drink a smoothie.. then to eat all the things I put in it ( think about it... eating a banana, an apple, a carrot. ) I don't know I find it very boring to eat fruits and vegetables.

This is the VitaMix Blender. It is suppose to be the best one there is. No lumps in your drinks if you use this one. It is at the top of my wish list. I drink smoothies most days and I know this will be put to good use

Here is a smoothie video I found on youtube.  I really like their channel and it has helped me know more about being healthy.


Today I tested out how to make vegan yoghurt. It was pretty easy to make. Only three ingredients.
It also taste like a plain yoghurt does.
I added blueberries and cashews to mine.

You need:
-  4 or 5 tbs coconut milk ( the thick part )
- 1 or 2 tbs lemon juice
- A dash of salt

Directions : Mix it all together with a fork or spoon. You can also add syrup or honey if you want it sweeter. Also mixing it with berries in a blender should be good :) Next time I'm mixing it with some strawberries so I get " strawberry yoghurt" :)

It's a pretty fast breakfast or lunch :p

mandag 28. mars 2011

All you need is L-O-V-E

And Coffee!!
I have been a vegan for 2 months today :) Im very proud of myself. I took some pictures of my coffee this morning and I wanted to share.

If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were

Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else by Judy Garland

If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were.

søndag 27. mars 2011

Pancake Vulcano

This cake taste so yummy. If you are a pancake person like me this is one cake you need to make. This is my first time making it, and I will definitely make it again. Since I don’t have a stove there is not many cakes I can make. So this one will be at hit in my "student" kitchen.

-       2 cups flour
-       4 tsp no egg
-       Some sugar not really necessary
-       Some salt
-       1 tsp baking soda
-       4 tbs h2o
-       4 tsp oil
-       2  2/3 cup of milk (I used rice in this one but It really does not matter)
1.     Mix all the dry.
2.     Mix in the fluids
3.     Use oil for frying the pancakes

I used one layer-mashed banana, one with raspberry jam, one with strawberries and one with chocolate spread. Then one layer with banana again and so on.
On top I used soy cream and strawberries. 
                                                               Enjoy !!!!

lørdag 26. mars 2011

Minimum Wardrobe

I have been doing some research on downsizing your wardrobe and what you truly need. The reason is; my closet is full of cloths and I don’t know what I have buried in the back of it. I figure since I only use the cloths in the front I don’t need all the other cloths that are stuffed in there and never get to see daylight.

 You can create many outfits with having 30 or 35 pieces of cloths in your wardrobe. An outfit can change a lot by using different shoes, accessorize, makeup, hair and stockings.
Here are my 25 of the cloths in my closet. I would add two jackets to this list. One winter coat, and one lighter jacket for spring.  I would also have 3 extra pieces, maybe one more dress if you’re a dress person or more jeans? That just depends on what cloths you are the most comfy in.

Here is the link to where I got the inspiration I needed to change my wardrobe. 

Having less cloths lets you be more creative since you have less to create from if that makes any sense?
It also means less of a mess in your closet, knowing what you own and money saved in the longer term. If you buy something new it means you have to let something in your wardrobe go and that may make you think twice about buying cloths.

Here I have used 1 shorts and changed it up with different shoes, tops, scarfs, belts and stockings. 

As you can see changing up your outfit is pretty easy so in the end you do not need all the cloths weighing down your closet :p

Veggie Burrito

This recipe is super easy to make. It’s one of my favorites and you can change the taste of it a lot by changing the beans you use and the sauce you use.

You Need:
-       Veggies (I used a wok bag of different veggies)
-       Beans (I used Garbanzo beans)
-       Teriyaki sauce
-       Tomato
-       Yellow Onion
- 1 Tortilla or 2 if your Hungry


1.     Throw all the ingredients in a pan. Let it heat on medium heat. Let it heat for about 15 minutes.
2.     Cover with Teriyaki sauce.
3.     Heat your tortilla in the oven for some min.
4.     Fill the tortilla with the veggies and beans covered in Teriyaki Sauce, fold it and eat J

onsdag 23. mars 2011

Almond Milk

Today I tried making my first almond milk. It turned out looking and tasting good. Plus I got a lot of foam on my milk, which if you have read my “ Coffee I Cannot Live Without It!” you know I like. It also turns out home made almond milk have more calcium then regular cow milk you buy at the store and more protein. So this is Milk Heaven for your body :p
Here is how it turned out :)
You need :
-       1 cup almonds (soaked over night or for a couple of hours)
-       2-3 cups of water, depends how thick you like your milk
-       2-5 dates (makes the milk sweet I don’t like it without it)


1.     Mix almonds and water in a blender
2.     Use a milk bag or a cloth to separate the almond milk from the almond residue.  You put the milk bag/cloth over a jar. Pour the milk over. Press the bag/cloth together to separate the milk.
3.     Clean your blender, put the fine/lump free milk in and 2-5 dates (depends on how sweet you like your milk?) and mix on last time.
4.     There you have it .. Almond milk

If you think my directions are hard to follow watch this link

Here I added some strawberries in the milk and some maple syrup to make strawberry milk :)

tirsdag 22. mars 2011

Coffee I Cannot Live Without It!

Like most people I need some coffee to keep me awake during the day J I only let myself have one coffee a day though, some may say that is limiting myself to much- But you know what; Every day I look forward to the time when I get to sit down and enjoy my cup of coffee.
I`m always happy to see Mr. Coffee =)

I cannot live with out almond milk and coconut milk it taste so good with the coffee and is easy to make foam out of. I got to have foam and cinnamon. Some times I use chocolate or caramel syrup on my foam if I want to treat myself extra. To make the milk foamy I use a milk frother J I LOVE mine and use it everyday.
Or I make a Frappuccino J For the frappuccino I use 1 cup almond milk. Around 6 ice cubes, some soy cream and some caramel syrup and 2-3 shots of coffee. I like it starbucks style. I don`t have a picture of the Frappuccino, but if you have been to Starbucks you know what I´m talking about.
So make yourself a cup coffee and enjoy it !!

søndag 20. mars 2011

Happy Birthday Camilla!!

I can not believe it is 23 years since I was born. Time sure flies. Last June I was living in San Francisco this year I`m living in Tønsberg and in June I will be living in Canada.
Time sure flies. I`m lucky that I get to travel much. Every place is special some more then others, but is there one thing I have learned is that " It's the people that makes the place!"
Make A Wish :p

lørdag 19. mars 2011

Celebrity Vegans

 Ginnifer Goodwin. She looks stunning after going vegan. Before she was plain Jane and now she is a big time actor. I loved her role in "He is just not that into you"
 Jared Leto: Because he just looks so sexy! He cares about animals and the planet in a greater way then some people. He is also a good actor and has his own band 30 seconds to mars. 
I also find it attractive when guys take care of themself.
 Moby: A great singer and songwriter. He has his own line of healthy drinks.
 Natalie Portman: Seems so nice and down to earth and I love most of the movies she is in. Where the Heart is is one of my favorite movies. She has her own vegan shoe line out.
Alicia Silverstone: I grew up watching Clueless. Now she is a vegan with her own web page and her own book out. I have her book and I love it!! I love the Crispy Peanut Butter Treats With Chocolate Chips and the Mochi Waffles

"Hamburger" :D

What’s for dinner today? Hamburger is what’s for dinner today.  If no one informed me that I was not eating a real hamburger I would not have noticed..that is how food can fool you if you use the right spice and accessories right.

                                                               Here is what you need:
-       One box black beans
-       Half an onion
-       1 tbs taco powder
-       1 tbs oregano spice
-       1/2 of a cup water
- 1 cup oatmeal
- 1/3 cup all purpose flour (can use more oatmeal instead or more onion)

1.     Blend it all in a blender.
2.     When the mixture is smooth scoop some in a pan like a mini pancake.
3.     I fried it on low heat about 10 min on each side.  The texture gets a bit softer then normal burger, but if you put them in the stove for a while after you fried them or keep them longer in the pan they should get firmer. Also you can reheat them the next day.

 I eat mine with one slice of bread with ketchup, some avocado, lettuce and slices of tomato on top. It is so good!!!!!!! I do not miss meat at all.

* You can also use slices of lettuce as "bread". Then you use one lettuce under the burger and one on top
* I also sometimes put the burger in a tortilla wrap with lettuce and other stuff I think tastes good with burger. Depends on what I got in the fridge :p

Have a Good Weekend!
* I got about 9 burgers out of it :p Ill freeze half and put half in the fridge. 

“Cheese” Cake

It’s my Birthday tomorrow and I had to make a cake. I have never tried this recipe before and I was a bit worried about using dates (not my favorite thing to eat). I did not expect much of this cake since it is made of Cashews, almonds, and dates. ”How the hell can it taste good right?”

I was wrong though... The cake both looks amazing and taste amazing I cannot believe it!

Here is the recipe I used

I used strawberries instead of raspberries though. I’m definitely going to make it with raspberries too. I also want to make it with raw cacao powder instead of the fruit (strawberry layer). Mango like the girl on my new roots suggests also seem very yummy.

The best thing about this cake is that is easy to make. Very easy in fact and It has so few ingredients which is a big plus. And get this IT’S GOOD FOR YOU AND TASTE AMAZING (I could not believe it)!!!!! 
I got about 10 pieces of cake so now all that’s left is to enjoy !

fredag 18. mars 2011

Chocolate Balls "Funny name ha"

This is easy to make and has a taste of Heaven.
Seriously if I could I would have someone feed them to me every minute. I think my ass would suffer but I would be happy as a balloon.

 Here is what you need:
-       About half a cup of almonds
-       8 big dates
-       1 tbs maple or any syrup
-       5 tbs raw cacao powder
-       4 tbs coconut butter
-       ½ tsp sea salt

Mix it all in a blender. Form into balls when the “dough” is sticky enough to hold together. Place in the fridge for 30min -1hour before you eat. Leave the balls plain or roll them in cacao powder or confectioner’s sugar or flaked coconut J Really what ever you want to roll them in. How about tutti frutti cake sprinkle?

 They taste so muuuccchhh better when cold. Enjoy them with friends and I’m sure these are gonna be something you make again and again and again.

Thin and Easy Pizza for One

This pizza is easy to make. It takes about 15 min and it taste amazing! Best thing is that it is for one. You know us single gals need pizza too.. without feeling like a pig cause we ate the whole damn pizza alone. Don’t worry this pizza is for you single fox.

You need:
-       1 Mushroom
-       ¼ of an onion
-       Some taco powder
-       Some tomato sauce
-       2 Whole Wheat Tortilla

1.     Cut onion and mushroom into pieces.
2.     Fry them with about 2 tbs of taco powder and some water (about 4-6 tbs) Fry for about 15 min on medium heat.
3.     Take one tortilla and fill it with a layer of tomato sauce using a spoon.
4.     Put the second tortilla on top. The tomato sauce will work as ”glue” so you have yourself a thin pizza ”crust”. U can put the “crust” in the stove for about 5-7min and it will become hard.
I don’t have a stove so it works without a stove too. The two tortillas will be strong enough to hold the filling. If you do use a stove you can also try using one tortilla instead of two.

5.     Put some tomato sauce on top of the second tortilla and fill with onion and mushroom.
6.     Cut into piece and enjoy cause you are single and Foxy!

This pizza (picture above) I added tomato. I also used only one tortilla which I fried on low heat for 5 minutes on each side. It worked out good too. The crust became crunchy and jamjam :)

torsdag 17. mars 2011

Books to get when you want a better relationship

About a year ago I was dumped. I'm sure I'm not the first one, but it felt horrible. Now a year after I think of it different. It was a year of learning about myself, and how to make myself strong again when I felt so alone and powerless. I was deep depressed and had not so good thoughts about me and a window.
Now though a year after I feel happy being by myself. I feel stronger.
I even started taking pole dance classes, going to the gym and now I'm starting to get control over my eating.

But back to the books.
I think every girl should have there two books :
- It's called a breakup because it's broken
- He is just not that into you

It's called a breakup because it's broken helped me see that even though I was dumped this was also the chance for me to invent myself, start over and discover new things about myself. What person do I want to be? What makes me happy? What do I want to learn? What are my dreams and wishes?
The book also explains that if you start knowing what you want you will get it.

He is just not into you is a book by the same authors  : Greg Behrendt and Amira Routola-Behrendt.
The first book is about getting over someone and becoming a better you, while he is not that into you is more signs to tell if a person want a relationship with you. Different women has written questions about their relationship. The authors are honest and have written funny letters in return.
This book is eye opening to the many things women accept, because they want a boyfriend. They are scared of being alone.

After dating a guy for a year and talking about moving in together I became dependent on him. Right when that happened he broke up with me. I was crying for weeks. Think what did I do wrong? Truth is I lost myself in the relationship. I was not doing stuff on my own anymore and became a
a shadow of him.

Now a year later I feel better then ever!
I have not had a boyfriend in between because I figured that will not help me. It will only give me a chance to hide behind a new guy and not focus on me. .
I gave myself this year as a gift to myself focusing on "what makes me happy?" and trying to figure that out. "What do I believe in?"
I used to know myself pretty well before, but somehow I lost it. This time though I have a strong foundation because I had to deal with loneliness on my own and grow strong from it.

How to make Almond Milk

I found this movie of How to Make Almond Milk.
It seems really simple to make and I am definitely going to start making my own, cause you never know what kind of stuff they put in the product you buy at the store.
This way I will know what I'm feeding my body which is important to me.

I have been vegan for 5 weeks almost 6, and I'm really getting into it. Feeling much better :) Cleaner and Healthy ! This is not saying you should become vegan, but maybe try changing some of the not so good food from you diet, and making things from scratch.

Click here to see the video.

søndag 13. mars 2011

Strawberry Milkshake

This milkshake is so good! In my opinion it's better then normal Strawberry Milkshake. I could drink it all day. The best part is that it's good for your body and jammy. If you ask me what could be better than that? I almost feel guilty drinking it because it taste so mhmm that I'm thinking "this can't be healthy for me".. but I'm wrong about that last statement.

U need :
- 1 banana ( divide into pieces and put in the freezer the day before..or 1-2 hours before use)
- 7 strawberries
- 3/4 - 1 cup almond milk
- 2 Tbs hemp seed ( for extra protein, fiber and vitamins )

Directions : Mix in a blender and enjoy!!!

torsdag 10. mars 2011

Chocolate Milkshake

I tried the chocolate milkshake from the blog My New Roots.
The first time I tried it I thought I tasted a bit weird, but when I added more maple syrup it became very sweet and jammy.

I have made this "milkshake" four times in the past two weeks. It is good to make when you want candy or just want "need" something sweet. I need something sweet everyday.
I have been a vegan for 4 weeks already. Im very proud of myself. Needless to say I feel great and that I will never go back.

How to make the milkshake is here

I half the recipe, cause I find that that is more than enough to drink for one person. I get almost two of the glasses I'm holding here with milkshake and after drinking both glasses my tummy can't fit more.

It is good to make for a quick lunch or a quick breakfast or when you just want some sweets :p I also found that if I use very little water (about 1/4 of a cup water..I used almond milk instead) it turns into  "chocolate yogurt". If you make the yogurt it is very tasty to add cashew nuts when you eat it.

fredag 4. mars 2011

Creamier Coffee

Okey so I tested out a new way to get the foam on my coffee even creamer, and it worked!
The cream turned out even creamer than the normal cappuccino I would get at cafes before I went vegan.

                       I can not believe it! It's even better tasting and creamier !

You need for the creamy part:

Milk (I used rice)
Thick coconut milk


1. I used about 1/4 of a cup of coconut milk then I poured rice milk over till about half the cup was filled. Maybe a bit more.

2. I used my milk frother

3. When the milk reached up to the top of the cup and was creamy I poured a shot of coffee over.

4. I sprinkle some cinnamon over ( u can also used caramel sauce or chocolate if you really want to treat yourself!!)

Im telling you the foam taste so soooo Gooood and it even makes that "bubble" sound.


Troika is a Norwegian chocolate with jello and marzipan inside. Since going vegan (I have been vegan for almost a month YAY!) I have not been able to eat this chocolate. It was my go to chocolate for when I wanted a special treat. I have been missing it, so I decided to make my own version of the troika chocolate.

You need:

Jello ( I bought a raspberry one that I made the day before making the actual chocolates)

Marzipan ( I bought one but you can also make your own marzipan if you have time.. )

Chocolate ( the recipe I used is here )

Chocolate Molds (kinda big ones to fit the jello and marzipan)


1. Pour chocolate in molds. Fill so you have a somewhat thick bottom layer of chocolate.
Turn the mold in your hand so the "walls" of the mold get covered in chocolate. Repeat this with all the molds.

2. Put them in the freezer for about 5 min.

3. Take some of the jello and scoop it into the mold with the chocolate bottom. Remember to leave some air between the jello and "walls" of the mold.

4. Make a thin layer of marzipan to lay on top of the jello. Again don't let the marzipan touch the "walls".

5. Pour chocolate on top. Enough to cover the marzipan.

6. Freeze for 30 min to and hour. Enjoy!

Here is one when its done

If you leave it too long it turns out like this. Its still good but the jello has turned into ice cream. So either one is very tasty depends on how you like it :)

onsdag 2. mars 2011

Fast Breakfast

So this is what I made for breakfast this morning. I was in a rush and needed something quick but still healthy and jammy. This breakfast is easy to make. Very easy. With the taste and smell of herbs. Also the taste of cinnamon is in the air and I feel very spiritual.

What you need:

1 slice of bread (I used a non dairy bread)
Tofutti Creamy Smooth, Garlic & Herbs
milk (soy or almond)
1 or 2 shots of coffee

Directions for Bread:
1. Slice the piece of bread in two.
2. Cover it with cream cheese
3. Put slices of avokado over the cream cheese.
4. Cut a thin slice og tomato and put on top.
5. You can also sprinkle some oregano or any hurb on top if u want. I like it best with just the taste of the cream cheese herbs , but that is up to you.

Cinnamon Coffee:
1. Heat up some water enough for one or two shots of coffee
2.  Fill a glass half full of milk and use a milkfoamer.
( I just got one and I love love love it! It makes me feel like im drinking coffee at a cafe. I get the sort of relax and luxary feeling. )
3. Mix in a table spoon of instant coffee to the water and a tea spoon of honey.
4. Pour some milk in a cup. mix the shot in with the milk. Then at the end scoop the foam on top and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Enjoy your super fast and easy breakfast  <3

tirsdag 1. mars 2011


Today I made my own chocolate for the first time. I had no idea how it would turn out since I kinda put some ingredients together myself. I did not have all the products to the recipe I found online so it turned into an experiment.

But the finished product tasted so so good! I love chocolate and who know how much chocolate you get from not much.. Buying vegan chocolate tends to be very pricy

What you need:

chocolate molds
1 cup coconut butter
half a cup raw cacao powder
 3/4 of a cup maple syrup or other sweeteners
1/2 nuts (i used almond)

1. Put the nuts in a blender till they are fine cut
2. Heat coconut butter on low heat
3. Blend in cacao powder and the crushed nuts
4. Blend in sweeteners
5. When the chocolate/mass looks even transfer to molds
6. Put in the freezer and about 15 min later you have yourself some very tasty chocolate! 

I would keep the chocolate in the freezer cause they get softer in the fridge.