lørdag 19. mars 2011

"Hamburger" :D

What’s for dinner today? Hamburger is what’s for dinner today.  If no one informed me that I was not eating a real hamburger I would not have noticed..that is how food can fool you if you use the right spice and accessories right.

                                                               Here is what you need:
-       One box black beans
-       Half an onion
-       1 tbs taco powder
-       1 tbs oregano spice
-       1/2 of a cup water
- 1 cup oatmeal
- 1/3 cup all purpose flour (can use more oatmeal instead or more onion)

1.     Blend it all in a blender.
2.     When the mixture is smooth scoop some in a pan like a mini pancake.
3.     I fried it on low heat about 10 min on each side.  The texture gets a bit softer then normal burger, but if you put them in the stove for a while after you fried them or keep them longer in the pan they should get firmer. Also you can reheat them the next day.

 I eat mine with one slice of bread with ketchup, some avocado, lettuce and slices of tomato on top. It is so good!!!!!!! I do not miss meat at all.

* You can also use slices of lettuce as "bread". Then you use one lettuce under the burger and one on top
* I also sometimes put the burger in a tortilla wrap with lettuce and other stuff I think tastes good with burger. Depends on what I got in the fridge :p

Have a Good Weekend!
* I got about 9 burgers out of it :p Ill freeze half and put half in the fridge. 

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