fredag 18. mars 2011

Thin and Easy Pizza for One

This pizza is easy to make. It takes about 15 min and it taste amazing! Best thing is that it is for one. You know us single gals need pizza too.. without feeling like a pig cause we ate the whole damn pizza alone. Don’t worry this pizza is for you single fox.

You need:
-       1 Mushroom
-       ¼ of an onion
-       Some taco powder
-       Some tomato sauce
-       2 Whole Wheat Tortilla

1.     Cut onion and mushroom into pieces.
2.     Fry them with about 2 tbs of taco powder and some water (about 4-6 tbs) Fry for about 15 min on medium heat.
3.     Take one tortilla and fill it with a layer of tomato sauce using a spoon.
4.     Put the second tortilla on top. The tomato sauce will work as ”glue” so you have yourself a thin pizza ”crust”. U can put the “crust” in the stove for about 5-7min and it will become hard.
I don’t have a stove so it works without a stove too. The two tortillas will be strong enough to hold the filling. If you do use a stove you can also try using one tortilla instead of two.

5.     Put some tomato sauce on top of the second tortilla and fill with onion and mushroom.
6.     Cut into piece and enjoy cause you are single and Foxy!

This pizza (picture above) I added tomato. I also used only one tortilla which I fried on low heat for 5 minutes on each side. It worked out good too. The crust became crunchy and jamjam :)

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