lørdag 19. mars 2011

Celebrity Vegans

 Ginnifer Goodwin. She looks stunning after going vegan. Before she was plain Jane and now she is a big time actor. I loved her role in "He is just not that into you"
 Jared Leto: Because he just looks so sexy! He cares about animals and the planet in a greater way then some people. He is also a good actor and has his own band 30 seconds to mars. 
I also find it attractive when guys take care of themself.
 Moby: A great singer and songwriter. He has his own line of healthy drinks.
 Natalie Portman: Seems so nice and down to earth and I love most of the movies she is in. Where the Heart is is one of my favorite movies. She has her own vegan shoe line out.
Alicia Silverstone: I grew up watching Clueless. Now she is a vegan with her own web page and her own book out. I have her book and I love it!! I love the Crispy Peanut Butter Treats With Chocolate Chips and the Mochi Waffles

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