søndag 13. mars 2011

Strawberry Milkshake

This milkshake is so good! In my opinion it's better then normal Strawberry Milkshake. I could drink it all day. The best part is that it's good for your body and jammy. If you ask me what could be better than that? I almost feel guilty drinking it because it taste so mhmm that I'm thinking "this can't be healthy for me".. but I'm wrong about that last statement.

U need :
- 1 banana ( divide into pieces and put in the freezer the day before..or 1-2 hours before use)
- 7 strawberries
- 3/4 - 1 cup almond milk
- 2 Tbs hemp seed ( for extra protein, fiber and vitamins )

Directions : Mix in a blender and enjoy!!!

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