lørdag 26. mars 2011

Minimum Wardrobe

I have been doing some research on downsizing your wardrobe and what you truly need. The reason is; my closet is full of cloths and I don’t know what I have buried in the back of it. I figure since I only use the cloths in the front I don’t need all the other cloths that are stuffed in there and never get to see daylight.

 You can create many outfits with having 30 or 35 pieces of cloths in your wardrobe. An outfit can change a lot by using different shoes, accessorize, makeup, hair and stockings.
Here are my 25 of the cloths in my closet. I would add two jackets to this list. One winter coat, and one lighter jacket for spring.  I would also have 3 extra pieces, maybe one more dress if you’re a dress person or more jeans? That just depends on what cloths you are the most comfy in.

Here is the link to where I got the inspiration I needed to change my wardrobe. 

Having less cloths lets you be more creative since you have less to create from if that makes any sense?
It also means less of a mess in your closet, knowing what you own and money saved in the longer term. If you buy something new it means you have to let something in your wardrobe go and that may make you think twice about buying cloths.

Here I have used 1 shorts and changed it up with different shoes, tops, scarfs, belts and stockings. 

As you can see changing up your outfit is pretty easy so in the end you do not need all the cloths weighing down your closet :p

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