fredag 4. mars 2011


Troika is a Norwegian chocolate with jello and marzipan inside. Since going vegan (I have been vegan for almost a month YAY!) I have not been able to eat this chocolate. It was my go to chocolate for when I wanted a special treat. I have been missing it, so I decided to make my own version of the troika chocolate.

You need:

Jello ( I bought a raspberry one that I made the day before making the actual chocolates)

Marzipan ( I bought one but you can also make your own marzipan if you have time.. )

Chocolate ( the recipe I used is here )

Chocolate Molds (kinda big ones to fit the jello and marzipan)


1. Pour chocolate in molds. Fill so you have a somewhat thick bottom layer of chocolate.
Turn the mold in your hand so the "walls" of the mold get covered in chocolate. Repeat this with all the molds.

2. Put them in the freezer for about 5 min.

3. Take some of the jello and scoop it into the mold with the chocolate bottom. Remember to leave some air between the jello and "walls" of the mold.

4. Make a thin layer of marzipan to lay on top of the jello. Again don't let the marzipan touch the "walls".

5. Pour chocolate on top. Enough to cover the marzipan.

6. Freeze for 30 min to and hour. Enjoy!

Here is one when its done

If you leave it too long it turns out like this. Its still good but the jello has turned into ice cream. So either one is very tasty depends on how you like it :)

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