tirsdag 22. mars 2011

Coffee I Cannot Live Without It!

Like most people I need some coffee to keep me awake during the day J I only let myself have one coffee a day though, some may say that is limiting myself to much- But you know what; Every day I look forward to the time when I get to sit down and enjoy my cup of coffee.
I`m always happy to see Mr. Coffee =)

I cannot live with out almond milk and coconut milk it taste so good with the coffee and is easy to make foam out of. I got to have foam and cinnamon. Some times I use chocolate or caramel syrup on my foam if I want to treat myself extra. To make the milk foamy I use a milk frother J I LOVE mine and use it everyday.
Or I make a Frappuccino J For the frappuccino I use 1 cup almond milk. Around 6 ice cubes, some soy cream and some caramel syrup and 2-3 shots of coffee. I like it starbucks style. I don`t have a picture of the Frappuccino, but if you have been to Starbucks you know what I´m talking about.
So make yourself a cup coffee and enjoy it !!

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