torsdag 17. mars 2011

Books to get when you want a better relationship

About a year ago I was dumped. I'm sure I'm not the first one, but it felt horrible. Now a year after I think of it different. It was a year of learning about myself, and how to make myself strong again when I felt so alone and powerless. I was deep depressed and had not so good thoughts about me and a window.
Now though a year after I feel happy being by myself. I feel stronger.
I even started taking pole dance classes, going to the gym and now I'm starting to get control over my eating.

But back to the books.
I think every girl should have there two books :
- It's called a breakup because it's broken
- He is just not that into you

It's called a breakup because it's broken helped me see that even though I was dumped this was also the chance for me to invent myself, start over and discover new things about myself. What person do I want to be? What makes me happy? What do I want to learn? What are my dreams and wishes?
The book also explains that if you start knowing what you want you will get it.

He is just not into you is a book by the same authors  : Greg Behrendt and Amira Routola-Behrendt.
The first book is about getting over someone and becoming a better you, while he is not that into you is more signs to tell if a person want a relationship with you. Different women has written questions about their relationship. The authors are honest and have written funny letters in return.
This book is eye opening to the many things women accept, because they want a boyfriend. They are scared of being alone.

After dating a guy for a year and talking about moving in together I became dependent on him. Right when that happened he broke up with me. I was crying for weeks. Think what did I do wrong? Truth is I lost myself in the relationship. I was not doing stuff on my own anymore and became a
a shadow of him.

Now a year later I feel better then ever!
I have not had a boyfriend in between because I figured that will not help me. It will only give me a chance to hide behind a new guy and not focus on me. .
I gave myself this year as a gift to myself focusing on "what makes me happy?" and trying to figure that out. "What do I believe in?"
I used to know myself pretty well before, but somehow I lost it. This time though I have a strong foundation because I had to deal with loneliness on my own and grow strong from it.

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