søndag 22. mai 2011

Move You Butt NOW (before it's too late)

This morning I went for a jog. I have not jogged outside for months. It felt so great to jog outside to my favorite songs. I felt all the depressed energy get out of me. I felt the sweat going down my face and loved it.
It just felt so amazing !!!

I can not believe what a lazy cow I have been these last months. The jog only took up 35 min of my day and when I got home I was filled with energy. It just feels like an amazing start to my day. A smile has been planted on my face and I feel on top of the world!!!! (weird how great exercise feels).

Doutzen Kroes is one of the Victoria Secret Models that admits to work out A LOT to get an amazing body !!

My tip of the day :  Take your shoes for a walk or a slow jog. Get you ass moving, your heart beating faster and your self esteem to the higher level ( I promise you will feel so good about yourself when your done! )

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