mandag 25. april 2011

3 Months Vegan =D

I have made it 3 months. Around 90 Days. I am so proud of myself.
Time has gone very fast. I still get a bit tempted if I see someone drinking a glass of milk or eating a burger next to me.

Burgers used to be one of my favorite food. Cold milk was also my favorite drink. It´s not easy seeing people eating your favorites when you don´t eat that sort of stuff anymore. If I´m hungry I get more tempted though so it`s a good thing to make sure I´m not hungry.

The first week I missed bread and milk the most. The second week I missed milk. The third week I did not really miss anything. It is weird how fast your body gets used to new things. I most say however though a few days ago I got an urge for cheese, but only cause my mum bought it and I started thinking about melted cheese toast. I have been thinking about toast a lot these last few days, so I´m going to be making my kind of toast this week. I just need to wait for the stores to reopen after Easter break.
Tomorrow I will have a huge food shopping day and make a few favorites and try out a few new ones.

My favorite thing about being vegan is that I just feel so great! I can´t really explain it? Maybe it has with being healthy or knowing what I put into my body. I have lots of energy, but I do get cranky if I don´t eat on a regular basis.
Also I love that I can eat so much dessert. In TheKindLife book it is said I can eat dessert 3-4 times a week. There is a lot of fat in dairy food and meat and since I´m not eating it I can afford more dessert =) I make my own desserts though cause you can´t really get vegan desserts in the stores in Norway.
They do however have a super good strawberry and chocolate ice cream.
I am loving the sweet side of life <3 <3 <3

I have also lost 4 kg. Weird since I have done nothing but stuffing my face with food!  I know that if I started working out more and maybe drop all the vegan sweets I have been making I could loose more weight and very easy too, but I am happy with my body =)

Anyway first 3 months have been filled with temptation (not to much really), lots of new food that I did not know existed and a much more positive outlook on life.

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