mandag 5. september 2011

Milk - Drop It

Milk. Yes It gives you calcium, but it also takes this calcium away from your body.
Its like getting $1000 but then loosing $999. Cancer are shown to be highest in countries that consume the most dairy. In countries where dairy is not consumed breast cancer is almost nonexistent.

Dairy also help tumors grow. " Hey you.. you guys make tumors in the body right? Im dairy do you need any help building? "

Whole milk has 118 g calcium pr 100g, while almonds have 234. Soybeans 226.
Sesame seeds have 1,160! The last three examples give and does not steal from you after. How great is that ? :) Studies show that people that get calcium from animals suffer from bone loss (Osteoporosis) more then people who get calcium from plant options. Do to the fact that dairy steals.

There is a reason why mothers don't produce milk until their child is 18 years old. Our bodies only need it to grow when we are babies. Milk when we are older is not good for our system.

Dairy is full of fat to make the baby grow.. a grow person does not need all this extra fat.

If you really can't live without milk ; Learn how to make almond milk or if u can't have nuts try rice milk

Also you can find soy cheese at many stores or make cashew cheese urself if you can't live without.

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