lørdag 17. september 2011

Hmmm.. I tried a lot of fake dairy and meat products :p

 I tried tofurky vegan hot dogs. Hmmm...so good!! They had 3 different types. I like the green package :) Tasted better then normal hotdogs. The Red package was okay and someone told me the blue plain hotdog package was blaaa..so I did not try that one :p

 I tried thin tofurky vegan hamburger. They where super good! I have tried different vegan hamburger but this one has been the best one so far.
 I tried daiya cheese. Mozzarella style rocks :) I made tortilla only cheese pizza. and hummus.
 Picture of the magic cheese.... that actually is like real cheese not the other vegan crappy cheese I have tried before.
 Some Tomato, vegan meat, some kale and some daiya cheese and I have yummy quesadilla <3

 I made french toast this week <3 <3 I used Italian bread dipped it in a mix of almond milk with vanilla extract, some cinnamon, a tiny bit of salt and some flour. Hmmm taste AMAZING!!!!! I can not tell that this is not real French toast. And yeah top with maple syrup <3
 I got a glass straw :) No more plastic straws for me. Raspberry smoothie I love you. Miks : Handful strawberries, a handful raspberries, one frozen banana and a cup almond milk = Heaven

 I had to try making the Vegan Zombie Pizza Rolls. Here is the dough.
 My rolls. "They are student with out too much baking supplies style."
Dip in sauce and drool :p


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