søndag 28. august 2011

Student Meal - When You Dont Have Much Time

I bought fake meat yesterday. I have never tried it before so I was pretty exited :p

All I did for this meal was heat the veggie meat for 10-15 minutes, add some tomato paste mixed with a small amount of ketchup. Feel free to add spices, but the meat I bought had some flavor to it :)
I then added the veggie meat on a whole wheat bagel. I pre heated the bagel in the stove while cooking the meat.

 Namnamnam!!!!!! Super tasty and good ! I´m going to buy this lots more.
 I could not help myself... I started eating before I remembered to take a picture
I also had non dairy chocolate milk. I love chocolate milk !!! This one has 30% calcium which is a nice excuse for me to drink it :)

If you want this to be more of a healthy meal add a side salad :)
Anyway have a good Sunday

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