mandag 28. februar 2011

chocolate marzipan confetti

I'm such a chocolate freak. I wish I could eat chocolate every day always without getting fat. I guess lots of people have the same wish. I made these marzipan chocolate hearts because I wanted chocolate and because they don't sell many vegan chocolates with filling in Norway. At least not that I know about.

Its pretty simple.
All you need is :

Vegan chocolate
Marzipan dough.
Silicon tray or ice cube trays
Milk ( Soy, Almond.. whatever floats your boat )

1. Melt the chocolate then add 2-3 table spoons milk
2. Make balls out of some marzipan. Make the balls a bit smaller then the shapes in your tray.
Mine a bit smaller than the heart shape.

3. Add some chocolate in the tray. Put the marzipan ball in and lay more chocolate on top.
4. Put in freezer for a while about 30 min.

You can be creative with this. Try using peanut butter instead of marzipan in some of the chocolates.
Maybe you can put a tea spoon of jello in or maybe black liquorice or honey or coconut.

Here is a finished one. I took it out a pit to early cause I could not wait.. Maybe you can keep your hands of a bit longer?

I had some leftover so I just combined some marzipan with chocolate and put an almond on top 

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