mandag 28. februar 2011

Yellow Pizza

I'm a big pizza fan. I decided to make one from what I have in my fridge. Turns out all the food I had was yellow. Anyhow the pizza turned out tasting great!

What you need :

Pizza sauce ( I just used plain tomato paste)
Garbanzo beans
One pizza dough or finished pizza crust (since I don't have a stove
I could not make my own, but you can do what fits you best)
Olive Oil

1. Put the sauce on the pizza. Put your stove to 428 F.
Let the pizza bake for 15 min.
2. Cut the Onion and garlic into pieces.
3. Place olive oil on your frying pan. Let the onion, garlic, beans and pineapple
heat for 20 min.
4. When the crust is finished decorate it with all of the ingredients and cut into pieces.


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